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released February 3, 2017

All songs written, produced and mixed by Cassini
Mastered by Rekapper



all rights reserved


CASSINI Blumenau, Brazil

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Track Name: In Your Heart
Deep down in my soul
I know that there's a way
How it comes and how it goes
I carry on anyway

It doesn't matter if you cry
You will come back until you try
It' s all in your heart, it's all in your heart
Maybe it is the lack of control
Or what lies under the dome
It's all in your mind, it's all in your mind
I say

We all know there's a struggle
The struggle is real
Well, I got no say in this
Unless you wanna feel
Track Name: All Night Long
You say that there's a problem
I know when things just feel right
You don't care if you're awake all night long

You know you can't pick a side
My eyes will stare into the light
You say that you don't care if you are wrong

Lock down, what you don't need and
Face up, until you feel it
Enjoy the rush it brings, yeah
Restart again

We may feel compromised
There is a bond until we say goodbye
We don't care if we're awake all night long

My eyes will stare into the light
I know when things just feel right
I say that I don't care if I am wrong

Say no more, it is a promise
We're together until it's over
Runaway and run again
You know you can feel no pain
Close your eyes and count to ten
Ten thousand or more, we're getting closer
Closer to the end of the line
You know next time the debt is mine
Track Name: The Call
Time is wasted pursuing all
The things that make us forget it all
And when our dreams just wither away
They didn't matter anyway

We see the ending, not so clear
We fear maybe death is near
And when it comes knocking on our door
We've missed our call

If you tell me I'll be on my knees until dawn
I'll be waiting for the next time you'll answer the call
I can see that it's a mistake, something isn't right
We will not regret, this time we will say goodbye

We sit and learn about our faults
Shot down, baby, forget it all
There so much that we can lose
The pieces fall but we refuse
Track Name: Remember
The days melt away
I cannot fight this, I cannot hide this
Time is just passing by
The light came through and
We counted bricks and we wasted hours
How could we make things right?

Save us now, don't be a stranger
Light the fire, make us remember
We're going nowhere, lost in a sea
We're shooting blanks at a dream

My conscience is wearing thin and
We will save face, for our lives sake
Will we begin to fall apart?
The feeling is so peculiar
We miss the old days, miss the same mistakes
These tools won't take us very far

The best of intentions
Won't matter when all is gone
Maybe it's not worth fighting for
We felt so devasted
There was no escape it was our fate
Come down, we closed that door
Track Name: Fading
Feel the urge to get lost in a crowd
Wait for the moment the stars will fall down
Life will always grab you by your throat
Hold hands, smile, never let go

Watching, fading, softly away
Stare at the ground, you are okay
If you are careless, time is fast
Maybe this chance might by your last